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The News Tribune Endorses Judge Bryan Chushcoff!


. . for Superior Court Department 4, we see no reason why voters should oust Chushcoff. First elected in 1996, the Tacoma native served four years as presiding judge.

His institutional knowledge is vital for a court that’s welcomed 10 new judges since 2015.

Beyond his work with the gavel, Chushcoff, 68, has led extracurricular projects such as translating court forms into Spanish and advising on pandemic cuts to the court budget. For the latter, he tapped into his experience from the Great Recession.

With so many neophytes on the local court, it’s odd that Brady Horenstein, 37, challenged its most veteran member. The Gig Harbor resident didn’t identify specific problems with the incumbent, aside from Chuschoff’s tangential role in temporarily sealing some records in the 2009 murder of four Lakewood police officers.

Horenstein has been a law clerk, lobbyist and worked in legislative relations for the state Administrative Office Of The Courts. While his passion for transparency is heartening, the absence of trial work on his resume is glaring.

We recommend staying with Chushcoff’s steady hand on the Pierce County bench.


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The News Tribune Editorial Board interviewed candidates and did other research before making our picks for the 2020 election. Endorsements are intended to promote civic discourse and encourage voters to dig deeper. Board members in this set of interviews include: Stephanie Pedersen, TNT president and publisher; Matt Misterek, editorial page editor; Karen Irwin, editorial writer; Matt Driscoll, local news columnist; Pamela Transue, community representative and former president of Tacoma Community College; and Jim Walton, community representative and former Tacoma city manager. Read more about the candidates in our online Voter Guide.

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