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Pro Se Litigant Endorses Judge Bryan Chushcoff

Hi everyone! Just have a little something to say, since Pierce county ballots are being mailed today. I think that voting for the judges is one of the hardest sections of our ballots, because we often don't have a lot of knowledge about what they are really like. In this case though, if you need a little help deciding, in my opinion, Judge Bryan Chushcoff deserves to be re-elected to the Superior Court, Dept. 4. He was the presiding judge over the Guardianship of our aunt, from 2010 until she passed in Sept of 2019. Every year we appeared in his courtroom at least once, and the last 4 years were Pro Se - without the help of an attorney. Every time we were there, we also watched him deal with many other cases, some similar, some very different from ours, with people of all walks of society, with or without representation. What I know of Judge Chushcoff, besides his years of experience: he is very knowledgeable, professional, respectful, empathetic, reasonable, fair, caring, helpful, uses common sense, is thoughtful in his decisions and is kind. He always asked how we were doing and recognized the long days, tough decisions and emotional issues we faced along our journey. We are very thankful he was there to help guide us. I think the people of Pierce County deserve to have him in the court system as long as he wants to be there! - Chris Stainbrook (Used with permission)
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