MEET Bryan 

A Trusted Superior Court Judge, Re-elected 6 Times By Our Community

A Fair Judge  

Bryan Chushcoff believes courts exist to ensure public safety and settle disputes.  Judges must be impartial and reserve judgment until all the facts are presented. They must apply the law equally. Bryan is a smart, practical judge who faithfully and fairly carries out the law.

A Proven Leader

Bryan is a proven leader and imaginative problem solver. In 2019, Bryan was asked to share the Court’s achievements with the National Center for State Courts Criminal Case Management Workshop after their study found Pierce County’s criminal case management among the nation’s seven best.    

Justice for All

Bryan understands our community and shares all of its concerns. His experience, enthusiasm and record of performance over many years proves he is an excellent, impartial and dedicated judge.


“I want Washington to be a safe, prosperous place for families. I was born in Tacoma and grew up here. I served as a lawyer for 19 years and found it personally rewarding to help people in our community through difficult times. I would be honored to continue as your judge, offering fair resolutions to the people of Pierce County.” 

The Stakes

Court decisions are too important to be made by the unprepared. As you decide who to hire, compare the candidates and ask, “Who will do a better job?” Selecting a good candidate for any position begins with considering whether they have experience and if they enjoy the work. 


Bryan's opponent has never tried a case, and his career is largely devoted to lobbying. If trial work is your passion, you do it before asking voters to become their judge.


Bryan Chushcoff is proud to have supporters across the political spectrum and throughout the community, and to be endorsed by every Pierce County Superior Court Judge.

Judge Bryan swearing in Pierce County attorneys 

Judge Bryan swearing in Pierce County attorneys 

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