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Re-elect Judge Bryan Chushcoff


When you are in legal difficulty, you need a good lawyer, not just any lawyer. And you need a good judge. The outcome is of immense importance, and you want to be treated fairly and competently. Court decisions have consequences for our community, too. If you want justice, experience matters.

It has been an honor to serve for over 23 years as your Superior Court Judge. I ask for your vote this November so that I can continue working for the people of Pierce County.

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EVERY Pierce County Superior Court Judge

Bryan Chushcoff was elected Superior Court’s Presiding Judge twice, serving a total of 4 years. In that position, he directed the State’s second-largest trial court with a budget of nearly $14 million.

Before becoming a judge, Bryan ran his own law practice for 19 years, representing hundreds of working families and helping them settle their legal problems.


As a judge, Bryan has successfully solved legal matters for 23 years. He has presided over thousands of courtroom proceedings working through a wide-range of legal matters including: contract rights, personal injury, family and criminal law.

Bryan's opponent has no courtroom experience - he has never tried a case. "The absence of trial work on his resume is glaring," says The News Tribune. The Bench is no place to learn how trials are run.



Bryan Chushcoff is proud to have supporters across

the political spectrum and throughout the community.


The News Tribune


"His institutional knowledge is vital

for a court that's welcomed 10 new judges since 2015."

Thank you for your support!

Judge Bryan Chushcoff

Superior Court, Department 4

Judge Bryan Chushcoff and Gig Harbor voters

Community Organizations

  • Pierce County Republicans

  • Pierce County Democrats 

  • The News Tribune

  • The Black Collective of Tacoma-Pierce County

  • Tacoma Police Union, IUPA, Local #6

  • Pierce County Central Labor Council

  • Pierce County Deputy Sheriff's Independent Guild

  • Pierce County Corrections Guild

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) local #483

  • Progressive Voters Guide, Fuse WA

  • 25th Legislative District Democrats

  • 26th Legislative District Democrats

  • 28th Legislative District Democrats

Pierce County Bench

Community Support

  • Superior Court Judge James Orlando

  • Superior Court Judge Timothy Ashcraft

  • Superior Court Judge Michael Schwartz

  • Superior Court Judge Shelly Speir

  • Superior Court Judge Jack Nevin

  • Superior Court Judge Gerald Costello

  • Superior Court Judge Grant Blinn

  • Superior Court Judge Edmund Murphy

  • Superior Court Judge Garold Johnson 

  • Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend

  • Superior Court Judge Kathryn Nelson

  • Superior Court Judge Sabrina Ahrens

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  • Superior Court Judge Phil Sorensen

  • Superior Court Judge Kitty-Ann van Doorninck

  • Superior Court Judge Clarence Henderson

  • Superior Court Judge Alicia Burton

  • Matthew Thomas - next Dept. 13 judge

  • Diana Kiesel - next Dept. 7 judge

  • Susan Adams - next Dept. 11 judge

  • Thomas Quinlan - next Dept. 6 judge

  • Pierce County District Court Judge Judy Jasprica 

  • Superior Court Commissioner Robyn Lindsay

  • Superior Court Commissioner Terri Farmer 

  • Carlos Sosa

  • Wendy Firth

  • Linda Tollefson

  • Sunday Tollefson

  • Jeff Robinson

  • Blake Kremer

  • Carol Baarsma

  • Mayo Larkin

  • Karen Cohoe

  • Gary Clower

  • David Moylan

Public Officials

  • Connie Ladenburg, County Council Member

  • Brian Sonntag, State Auditor, retired

  • John Ladenburg, former Pierce County Executive and Prosecutor

  • Doug Richardson, Chair of the Pierce County Council

  • Bill Baarsma, former Mayor of Tacoma

  • Richard "Dick" Muri, former County Council Member

Supreme Court Justices

  • Supreme Court Justice Charles Johnson 

  • Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen

  • Supreme Court Justice Gerry Alexander, retired 

Retired Judges

  • Superior Court Judge Gary Steiner

  • Superior Court Judge Robert Peterson

  • Superior Court Judge John Hickman

  • Superior Court Judge Susan Serko

  • Superior Court Judge Rosanne Buckner

  • Superior Court Judge Thomas Felnagle

  • Superior Court Judge Thomas Larkin

  • Superior Court Judge Bruce Cohoe

  • Superior Court Commissioner Mary Dicke

  • District Court Judge Frank Dacca

Court of Appeals

  • Court of Appeals Judge Lisa Worswick

  • Court of Appeals Judge Linda Lee

  • Court of Appeals Judge Bradley Maxa

  • Court of Appeals Judge Anne Cruser

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